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Info-Ops: Create Valuable Products

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Management by Statistical Aggregate and Other Cognitive Fallacies

  • Management by aggregate
  • Complexity/Obscurity Traps
  • Assuming normal distribution is a huge assumption
  • The problem with induction
  • Leadership is about values, not authority or decisions (decisions are *failures of leadership*)

Hypothesis-Driven Value Creation

Creative Tension and Pivot Questions

That's Not Software Development

aka "Just because you're writing code doesn't mean you're developing software"

- Defect fixing - Sever migrations (Other forms of org defect fixing) Upgrades, etc - Automation - Program-level work. (maybe PMOs)

Who controls your time?
Is is value discovery, value delivery, or delivery optimization?
(Bonus) What domain are you working in?

Markham Product Octagon

Intellectual Humility/Profound Ignorance

Epistemically-Appropriate Constraints

Luck Surface Area

Organizational Defect Handling

Six Quality Loops

Are we applying our efforts at just the right spot to make a positive difference in the world?

When done well, this generates one of two things:

- We are a happy and productive staff our customers love making/creating wonderful things they believe makes them happy and more productive

- We observe things we don't understand, disagree about, or confused about that we think we need to figure out

(successful meta behavior or observation of business structure issues)

Interact (play)-Reflect

We figure our where we need to change


We change us


We figure out how our changes will change how we make things


We change what we make


We change our customer's experiences

Six Learning Loops

Are we learning the right things at the right times?

When done well, this generates one of two things:

- We make exactly the right thing, delivered at exactly the right time to exactly the people who want it most

- We observe interactions among ourselves, us and our customers, our customers, or our customers and our product/services that don't work out as we had anticipated

(successful structure or observation of meta behavior issues)

Create-Play (interact)