Daniel Markham

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Daniel Markham in 2020

Early Life

Daniel B. Markham was born on 5 May 1965 in rural Southwestern Virginia. He was given up for adoption at birth and was adopted when he was six weeks old by Gordon B. and Margaret Tess Markham. He spent his early years growing up in Vinton, Virginia, studying piano, exploring photography, building model-railroads, and playing AD&D.

College and the Marines

Markham was in the United States Marine Corps from 1984-1986. He was trained as a TOW missile gunner.

He attended a small local technical college in 1983 for programming. After the servicd he attended a community college in 1987 for Business Administration. He stopped attending college when computer programming projects started taking up all of his time.


Markham wrote his first program at age 16, a space invaders-like game called "Kill Roland" on the Commodore PET. He wrote his first contract program at age 18, an accounting program for a local bookkeeper. No matter what else he was doing, from clerking in a shipping department to being a manager at Domino's Pizza, he always ended up automating the work by writing computer programs.



Later Career