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Daniel Markham, 2018-09

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Daniel Markham is an American software engineer, speaker, and author.


Daniel Markham was born in Roanoke Virginia on 5 May 1965. He was adopted at six weeks of age by Gordon Bruce Markham and Margaret Tess (Brown) Markham. He grew up in Vinton, Virginia, attending William Byrd High School.

A self-taught programmer, Markham wrote his first contract program at the age of 16 for McGhee bookkeeping. The program was written on an Apple IIe in BASIC. It handled all of the accounting for for the bookkeeper's clients.

After High School, Markham went into the United States Marine Corps from 1984-1986, leaving on a hardship discharge. After the Marines he continued learning to program and programming for local businesses while attending college.

As a self-taught programmer and architect in the mid 1980s, Markham found he could not get away from programming computers as a career. He spent some time as a restaurant manager, shipping clerk, and freelance writer. Each of these jobs ended up as programming jobs, so he abandoned hopes of being a writer and went full-time into consulting in 1990. He has been self-employed as an independent consultant since then. He continues to describe himself as a writer.

Notable Engagements


Technical project manager and primary client contact. Rules-based, dynamic OODB configuration and pricing engine. Let requirements effort for a web configuration engine for Top 3 U.S. automotive firm.

United States Immigration and Naturalization Service

Senior Developer, Release Manager for 3 separate projects in maintenance mode, and Enterprise Architecture Team Lead.

Pitney Bowes

Technical project manager for three teams to maintain and develop online stamp purchasing applications.

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors

Engine development lead for the notional voting system, the secure voting app the Federal Reserve uses (or used to use) to vote on national interest rates, among other items.

Charles Schwab

Technical assistance setting up a PMO and deploying Personal Choice at the program level.


Program kick-off team lead for major enterprise systems rearchitecture.

State Farm

Enterprise technical coach.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Program technical coach.

Capital One

Enterprise technical coach.

State Auto

Technical coach for XP pilot project.

Sample Applications


Application that manages the application, approval/rejection, and issuance of identify cards to day laborers who cross the U.S./Mexican border regularly.


Startup proof-of-concept integrating chat, location, file transfer, and identity management.


Site-independent blog article voting and feedback.


Analysis compiler


Rules-based application/user/transaction security system written entirely in SQL-Server.


Single-page serverless book recommendation site.


Microservices-based link aggregation and site summary.


Site for screenwriters to convert FinalDraftPro files to other formats.


Hardware demo of a low-bandwidth, no-typing, text-based internet device.


Hackathon demo of a one-day site that allows users to play a dynamic game of Presentation Karaoke.

Important Concepts Elaborated


Test-Driven Analysis

All Structure is Derivative

Analysis Compiler



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